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About Our Homeless Prevention Program

Housing provides a sense of foundation to many individuals to begin their journey and pave the way to a new start. THM provides just that to the homeless population the opportunity to transition in place into a new start . Within the program is a structured environment with direct access to thousands of resources lead by community leaders, one-on-one individual guidance and assistance to assist homeless individuals struggling to make it through todays economy. Our focus is to provide men with opportunities in ways that they may never otherwise have access to while homeless on the street, or in a unhealthy environment. At THM broken hearted fathers, lost or wounded veteran soldiers, sons facing hardships, and many others  walk through our doors lost without direction; yet walk out as inspiration to the many generations to come; an inspiration to those walking in the shoes they used to fill.

In the spotlight- Resident P.W

Resident “P.W” was a homeless Veteran that enrolled into The House of Matthew (THM) Homeless Prevention and Life-skills Program in mid 2012. In 2012 “P.W” was a father and Veteran. Today in 2013″P.W” is …

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Congrats Class of 2013

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Special Congrats to THM resident P.W

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Congrats to Class of 2013 Graduates!

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